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Why wouldn't you take any of your ex back? Let's say you love one of them then?

1 year ago
Shivangni Kajal Prakash
tbh, ima clear this out, i wouldn’t take em back, doesn’t matter if i’m in love or not, if they cheated on me it was their choice that they wanted to, so i’m not gonna put myself into that position again. if i see respect, communication and effort getting put into getting back then that’s different if it’s someone i love but it’ll take time to see if they actually want to, or their just doing it because they can’t get somebody else and think i’ll take them back just cause i’m always there, but once you keep saying no, you’ll see their true face going after somebody else or they’ll talk mad shittt bout you, so it’ll just be the same shittt ya know, so not currently looking to get back or date from now on because i’ve seen once you break up, they wanna move on so quick, like they wanted the break up to happen yet they always said “i love you and only you” but in other girls shittt tho, it’s totally a whole new different story, so bullllshittttt. actions shows a lot so now i’m done, if there’s no change, then what’s the whole point. 💀💯
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