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what is love to you?

1 year ago
Shivangni Kajal Prakash
love is unable to hate someone no matter what, it’s dedication, the feeling of respect given from both sides, the truthful answers that later on and never question their loyalty towards you and building each other flaws and changing into a positive way making sure your partners always okay, listening to them when they need understanding and not getting mad, and also putting them as your priority if you really love that person, because that person will see there is no other like you, love has no hate what so ever, even after the heart breaks or argument, it’s all about commitment, cause i’d definitely never move on when i love someone from the bottom of my heart, if the other person does, there was no love for me in their heart, but truthfully it is okay. because when your in love you only want that person and only them, nobody else can cross your mind and heart and you keep trying until you get that person back into your life.
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