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what did you learn from your last relationship

1 year ago
Shivangni Kajal Prakash
it taught me to be a better and bigger person, always listen to the others side and build up each other up, cause it’s gonna be two against the problem, not two against each other. you should be able to talk to your partner about anything and always try finding out solutions to the problem, never do the “i’m not gonna talk to you” cause then the other person see no effort. a person will only grow up if they want to and if their ready, not force them or try cause it’ll be useless, cause at the end it’s their choice, you don’t repeatedly have to tell a person, they heard you the first time. lastly always show so much love and always reassure by telling them what you love bout them it helps with their insecurities and boosts them up, cause they never wanna sit their thinking, what is there to love bout me.. it’s a matter of effort. don’t build each other down, help each other up and never leave in little arguments cause somehow y’all will find your way back to each other if it’s meant to be.
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